15.01. – 21.01.2018

Unsere bequemliche Welt

Rieko Tsuji, a Japanese installation artist will hold 24-hour open exhibition at Kiosk.6.

Since she moved to Weimar from Tokyo, she has been interested in labor environment and strict opening hours in Germany.
At first she felt a lack in the quiet German night and Sundays, but she gradually became to think about the strangeness of late-night business which is very common in Japan.

24-hour open stores are called Konbini in Japanese. It literally means convenience store but what is the meaning of “convenience” in this case?

On Sunday, 21st January artist will perform as a night-shift worker. It gives us an opportunity to discuss way of working in a world of convenience.



15.01. – 21.01.2018
15.01. – 21.01.2018
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